Using the 3.x static core

To use the static (design-time reconfigurable only) version of the core, follow the following steps. This assumes that you’ve already done the things listed here.

  • go to the /platform folder
  • First create memory interface
    • use the command make mig
  • Edit the Makefile in the /example folder. make sure the paths are correct on you system
  • Use command make <testprogram>
    • You can choose from adpcm cjpeg dft itver2 matrix x264 testuart memwrite test xstsimframebuffer raytracer mandelbrot grvga
  • To simulate the program in Modelsim remove the comments in line 438 and line 464 (generate and end generate)
    • use command make vsim-launch or build only the simulation files make vsim
  • To synthesise the system use the command make ise